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Random red tiny itchy bumps

Im not sure what my contition falls under but I do have very mild Eczema. However, the Eczema seems to have died down ALOT (like it dissapeared), for this reason, i kind of forgot what where my usual symptoms when my Eczema acted up.

I recently burned myself (first degree) on my right thigh... i took care of it pretty well as i cleaned it and put Vitamin E on it periodically, Currently its healing, However, during the time I bandaged it, the glue from the medical tapes irritated my skin. Because this residue wouldnt come out with just water, i used a bit of the baby oil to wipe on the residue and immediately washed it off. ps.. I did not bandage my burn after that incident (plus it didnt need bandaging because it wasnt an open wound),

A few days after that, tiny areas around my burn strated to feel itchy (i thought nothing of it as i thought it was just the new skin from the burn comming in). However, soon my whole right thigh started to feel very itchy. As i scratched, i can feel tiny bumps rising (but these were not ususal bumps as they were tiny red and hard (not like the typical hives). ususally when i get eczema, i scratch, bumps occure and then goes away but this time the tiny bumps stayed hard and red...

After my right thigh, my left leg started to have some bumps too (itchy, hard, red, and scattered). then it led to my arms.

I tried to put my eczema cream in the rashes but it doesnt seem to work (ussually it does therefore i question this new rash).

I am Asian and my mother recently started to use wine to cook. maybe i am allergic to wine? but through research, the symptoms the being alergic to wine do not match with my symptoms. Plus my mother has stopped cooking with wine but the rash is still there.

Can u give me an idea of what is going on?

I'm tryig to make an appt. with my dr. but all the appts are full and this rash dont seem to go away!
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