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Rare Birthmark

Just a quick question concerning my apparently very rare birthmark (as far as I can tell, I am unable to define it as something else).

I'll attempt to give a detail discription -

Location -  The birthmark covers fast areas of my upper torso - covering large areas of my left arm (front and back, extending to my palm and side of the hand), patches on my left chest (upper and lower) as well as various patches on my back.

Apparence - Various levels of Flakiness, rough, dry skin that bleeds easily when caught, clumpy. Picture it as various colonies of patchwork skin that is covering parts of my body. Various shades of orange, deeper skin tone then the rest of the body's skin.

I'm not completely sure how it occured, all I can remember from the doctors is that they guess that is due to my body developing at a much greater rate then normal - causing the skin to become deformed. Although I'm not certain, like I said.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what it is called? Something Endo.. if I recall. Thanks.
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