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Rare case from excessive masturbation ( Hair loss, skin pigmentation)

Hi, I'm 19 years old i decided to create a post since my case is abit rare. I started masturbating when i was 12, due to traumas, depression there was lack of happiness and masturbation was the only thing that gave me dopamine over the time my hair started to fall at the age of 14 from crown area, and back pain started as well. By the age of 16, the hair loss increased and so did the back pain grew all the way to lower back and upper back as well as neck. And at 18 i almost got blad from the front, i would say there are maybe 500 or 800 hair follicles left on the top area, my hair started shedding from the sides and back over time, and the pain increased from back to my wrists, fingers and now knees. All the places i have had pain now crack alot i assume that the glue in bones has decreased. However, at the age of 17 i had a little rash-a white spot on the left and right side of my face along with beard, it was small and by time it increased and now looks like thick tears form. And recently, the white spots or rash has now developed on my left hand slowly it became on my right hand. My dermatologist gave me a cream called viotopic which i think worsened it because now the rash or white spots has increased, my natural tone is white and very light brown, so it blends in with my skin but you can tell it looks like vilitgo but upon my research i found this article https://www.researchgate.net/post/A_47_years_old_lady_develops_rashes_over_face_following_masturbation_How_to_manage
And it seems that what i have is skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation.Can anyone help me please? Because i cannot tell my dermatologist about my masturbation history..

And if you want to know about my hair, you can read here: So when i was 17,i was going through hair fall as you know, i used my brothers minoxidil without knowing it sheds hair, after a week of alot of hair shedding i thought my hair are falling so rapidly and i stopped using it. Then i went to my other dermatologist who gave me minoxidil along with biotin and dht blocking shampoo, he didn't test my dht levels or anything, he told me to use it for 2 months, after extensive hair fall in 2 months he told me it was normal to continue it after 4 months i lost more hair then i had ever lost, if i had to estimate i would say i lost around 4000-5000 follicles and my whole life i had lost maybe 1-2000 follicles, i was depressed over that and later my dermatologist became confused told me to stop taking it and take finasteride instead, i then tested for dht levels were very high and upon some research i found an article which said minoxidil makes things worse with those who are dht sensitive. I took on finasteride for 9 months a 2-3 month break, it kinda stopped hair fall, recently 3 months ago i switched to duasteride and apply dht blocking oils on a daily basis and my hair fall has decreased alot and i would say its more effective then finasteride. However i did got affected by the side effectes such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction.
Thank you for reading
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Okay, so first - none of this is caused by masturbation. You could masturbate all day, every day, and your hair isn't going to fall out. That's a very, very old myth.

There is a condition called alopecia, which causes hair loss, that you may have. You should stop trying to self-treat this, and go to a doctor who will test your hormone levels, test you for sensitivities, and stick with one dermatologist.

You may need to see a doctor who specializes in autoimmune disorders if they think you have alopecia, but start with one dermatologist, stop using all this stuff you've been using, and don't worry about the masturbation. It doesn't cause hair loss.

I hope you get some good answers.
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