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Rash, Cipro, Leaky Gut Gluten ???

am new to the site.  I would like to post a few items and some follow up to our struggle. My wife contacted a rash November 2013 right around the time she had a bladder infection and taking Cipro. We assumed it was Cipro but rash remained. Dr assumed Scabies and again that's a negative. We did 3 skin biopsies and all negative for IGG, IGA, IGM, C3, C5B-9 and fibrogen.   Next visit was to do a patch test on back and two items came positive: bacitracin and Nickel. Between November 2013 and the Patch test (April 2014) she had very severe rash on chest, arms, back and buttocks area.  Once we realized she was sensitive to Nickel we started to pull back on all things with Nickel. This seemed to lessen outbreaks (dieting) thus mid summer we tested (blood) for celiac.  This came back Negative.  It is now October 2014 and she still has breakouts (less severe but still itchy).  Currently I have ordered the Enterolab Kit for B2 + C2 -Comprehensive Gluten/Antigenic  and a Meat Panel.  So I am posting to maybe get some feedback on anyone with similar history and posting
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She was a vegan with heavy use of Soy Milk and some breads and pretty much a healthy eater.  After the kidney infection and use of an antibiotic during a trip to North Florida she came back with red spots and flare ups on arms and chest. Over the next few months December to March she was not off Gluten based on our Doctors were thinking Topical Dermatitis and it wasn't till April did the Nickel test made her pull off anything with Nickel in it thus pretty much pulled her off everything including Gluten ( which was not our focus). For the summer we started focusing on Gluten also even tho a blood test came back negative. So as of right now she is off Gluten and things have slowed down per the whole chest, back but her flare ups on her arms remain and some on back and little on chest. We have a few tests out there with a local autoimmune Rheumatologist( 6 viles of blood) plus I had here send off  a stool to Enterolab.  I will pass on this year long in-depth look to a lot of doctors and negative results other then a Nickel reaction on a patch test.  Thanks for reply and any feedback is appreciated
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Yes used Cipro and right around that time it flared. We suspect it now but cant believe it has been a year of issues.  I am also suspecting leaky Gut syndrome thus will be asking for a Leaky Gut Test, Intestinal Permeability test.  We have not received the Entrolab test so that is still pending.  She has received a lot of blood work back and all seems normal, only a high end norm Bilirubin and a low end norm white blood count. If the entrolabs come back normal...I am afraid Cipro my have been the culptrit but I don't know??  Why a year of flairs. Oh she did get a med to test and and help itch (Neurontin) and that made her existing rash flare up!!  Not getting it?
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Prurigo nodularis.
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Definitely see a doctor about dermatitis herpitiformis, do not use enterolab as it is expensive, your insurance may not cover it.
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W have seen a Dr, a Dermotolgist, a Allergist, and now a Rhumatodologist and all are test stumped.  I personally sent off for Entrolab to speed up these slow Dr tests. Pro active.  
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Test from Entrolab came back:

Comprehensive Gluten/Antigenic Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Food Panel

Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA      34 Units   (Normal Range is less than 10 Units)

Fecal Anti-Oat IgA      6 Units   (Normal Range is less than 10 Units)

Fecal Anti-tissue Transglutaminase IgA      6 Units   (Normal Range is less than 10 Units)

Fecal Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae (dietary yeast) IgA      2 Units   (Normal Range is less than 10 Units)

Mean Value 11 Antigenic Foods      5 Units   (Normal Range is less than 10 Units)
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