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Rash, Irritation or Hives on Minora Labias'

I had sex with a condom, then i got dry the rubber caused friction / burning sensation.  Then 2 days later i had a bad itch it was a yeast infection i used monistat 3 days.  When i would urinate the itch was soo bad i would have rinsewith water or wash using sumers' eve, every toilet use. I'd see small particles in the toilet resembling shaving but it was actually my skin from the itch like dead cells.  
Its has now been like 9 days since i had sex.  Yeast is gone but itchiness and rash like bumps are present on my minora labia when i self examined myself.  The bumps doesnt look like the HPV pictures or are they in a clustered form.  Its hard to notice until I stretch the minora labias I can see it on my minoras.  The bumps are the same color as my minoras but the feel resembles a rash / hives its nothing with pus like pimples, no discharge and no odor at all.  Could it be condom irritation, alerrgic reaction or hpv?  I have taken some benedryl which has made the itching somewhat better.
  I tried using monistat creamfor my minoras'  but when i apply vaginal cream it  begins to burn.   When I do not apply anything it doesnt burn or feel irritated.  I have been having soap irritation and had UTI n the past.  I think it was Sept 2011.  When I urinate n lean forward my minora labia do not burn because the urine doesnt touch my skin.  If I urinate and I dont lean forward it causes a lil burn/ itchiness to my labias.   I am itchy to the touch but I do not scratch.  When it itched in the begining and I would scratch it was getting worse and some swollen would occurs, but since I stopped scratching its seems to not burn/itch at all, and seems as if the rash/hives/irritation is getting better.  Last pap was normal previous pap was low grade hpv.  Am so terrifiedto think the worst, im not sure what to expect.  I am currently on my menstural and its embarassing for me to get examine while bleeding.
I plan to goto the Dr.'s as soon as my menses is over.
Plz give me a piece of mind , I hate tossing and turning in my bed having difficulty sleeping from the what ifs, always thinking the worst.   :(  
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I would rather rule out a primary 'Herpes Simplex' first.Do not worry.This should settle down, but you may need follow up.
Do consult your doc.
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I was previously tested for the herpes 1 and it was neg. its alot better  but just the thought makes me nauceas ;(
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I know but if it happens to be type1 the recurrences may not occur!
Best wishes.
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Should add you must get tested for type2 also which is the commoner virus in this area.
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