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Rash above lip?

I am a 21 year old male who has had mild to moderate skin problems over the past seven or eight years.  I had moderately bad acne in high school and eventually treated it with accutaine.  I also have pretty sensitive skin: even smiling leaves some quick redness.  I use a gentle soap and moisturizer every day, and a small amount of benzoyl peroxide for any breakouts.  I also blush very very easily.  The psychological factor in blushing can make it severe if I'm feeling self-conscious or embarrassed, and the blushing persists for a while after I have calmed down.  This may be early signs of rosacea, I have two barely noticable red bumps on my nose which are not acne.  
Hopefully as I become better at suppressing those subconscious blushing reactions and take of myself otherwise, the rosacea will not worsen in later years.  Cold weather does not affect it, but exercise makes me turn pretty red pretty quickly.  The redness is mainly on my cheeks, where the acne in high school was the worst.  There is no redness on the forehead, or chin or nose when blushing or irritated.  So it could be rosacea, it could just be sensitive skin.  My grandmother had rosacea.    The above is simply a brief history of my skin.  I eat well, exercise regularly, and I consider that sleep and psychology are two very important factors in physical health.  So I try to sleep well when i can and stay relaxed.  Who knows what the body can do when depression is an issue, so I try to keep that in check.  This is the best information I can give for online, so I hope this helps.

The main issue of concern is a very small area above my upper lip.  One of my worst fears is cold sore, HSV-1 infection.  I may have ruled this out, but I would appreciate a professional opinion.  Just above my lip is a small red area, a little bit rough but the texture really is no different from the rest of my facial skin.  I thought it might be shaving irritation, but the blade does not hit that area when shaving.  There is small amount of redness, and maybe one or two tiny tiny red spots, but I would not say they are bumps or blisters.  About 4 or five times throughout the day, for about 30 seconds each time, the area will itch, and I will not scratch it and it will go away.  There is NO tingling, persistent itching or pain at all.  
I stress again that this is a tiny tiny reddish area just above the lip and toughing the vermilion border that looks as though it is part of my lip.  It does not irritate me, there is no hardness or raised appearance, just a slight roughness.   I have had two people in the past three months that I have kissed.  I had sex with one.  The sexual partner had no visible sores or anything and I was looked at by a general physician shortly after who did not see anything out of the ordinary on my face or in my mouth.  The more recent girl whom I kissed I looked at her lips a week later around the time and thought maybe she had had something, but I suspect it was just my imagination.    I first noticed this reddish area about a month ago.  It has not changed or worsened as best as I can tell.  I think the rare and brief itching during the day is simply because my mind triggered it, a result of worrying too much about any small thing that crops up.  I look at this post and it is exhaustive, so I will get to the point.  

My question is whether there are mild symptoms associated with herpes or whether i could have something in the herpes family that is lesser known, or if this is just irritation above the lip (aquaphor and chapstick don't really change the appearance).  I do also have the tiny barely visible forsyce's spots directly on my upper lip.  I have never had cold sores or fever blisters before.  This feels a little ridiculous, but I know that a powerful enough imagination and an overactive mind can sometimes only be put to rest by some sort of professional opinion.    THank you for your time.

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