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Rash around nostrils

I have a rash around my nostrils on and off for over a year.  It It is on the outside and just inside.  I have been treated with Mupirocin, Atopiclair, Aclovate, Zovirax, oral antibiotics and VAltrex.  It does not go away.  I have been told it is herpes, impetigo and bacterial all at different times.

The part on the outside of my nose is red and looks like my pores are very large.  At times it will flake or get white heads.

The inside part of the rash looks red and like my nostrils are cracked.  

At times it is painful and other times just itchy.  I am concerned that what I have is contagious and being let untreated.

Can you help?

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did you ever get over this rash?, because I have exactly the same symptoms!
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This could also be due to perioral dermatitis which is a common facial skin problem in adult women. It may present as groups of itchy or tender small red bumps around the mouth. They usually spare the skin bordering the lips may spread on the sides of the chin, then spreading to include upper lip, nose and cheeks. The surrounding skin may be pink, and the skin surface often becomes dry and flaky. The exact cause is not understood may be induced by: face creams, moisturizers, cream cleansers, topical steroid creams or ointments.  Wash the face with warm water alone while the rash is present. A course of oral antibiotics for six to twelve weeks may also be indicated. Perioral dermatitis sometimes recurs when the antibiotics are discontinued, or at a later date.If it persists have this evaluated by a dermatologist for proper management.

Take care and keep us posted
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but is it contagious..if you had no blemishes ever.. kiss someone with a bad breakout...then get this..on chin and its spreads a bit..breakout..tend to heal dry and reemerge..not going away..just now almost month..doc.out of town...I feel it is going to apart of my life and I'm dating..I'm worried I'll spread it :(
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Hi...new here. Was gonna make the same post and I couldn't have described it any better "The part on the outside of my nose is red and looks like my pores are very large. At times it will flake or get white heads. The inside part of the rash looks red and like my nostrils are cracked'. Exactly what's been going on with me, but I'm a 49 year old man. Never have had skin rashes, pimples, flakey skin in my life. I was recently diagnosed with anemia (still looking for cause) and looking back, now I'm thinking this is a symptom. It's been going on about 6 to 8 months now, and it come and gooes. Nose is an extremity, and the ends/edges of the nostrils may not be getting enough oxygen. Also have a slight rash (looks like rosacea) on my cheek just below and in front of my left ear, red, irritated, etc. Anyone else think it may be anemia related?
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I have the exact same symptoms described in the original message. Had this for a few months now. I'm going CRAZY. I'm a super clean guy, 30 years old. I had a mild Staph infection over 5 years ago close to the area, but can't believe it's related. This is completely different.

I've tried Metro lotion, allergy relief pills, Tolnaftate cream (for athlete's foot. It helps with the itching but does nothing else), and was prescribed a steroidal cream (0.1%) that gets the red away, but it's back every time I stop.

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I've had my little rash under my nostrils for four years.  Seems to flare up when I'm stressed, then dries up and gets flaky, but the little red bumps and pinkish patches spreading out from the creases are ever-present.  Went to the doc four years ago, was prescribed Metro cream (BIG waste of money ~ never worked), guess I'll try a dermatologist this time.  Is it candida?  This rash gets pretty bad in the winter months.  SO annoying!
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