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Rash as an HIV Symptoms

I am extremely scared.  I have been reading about HIV symptoms and I have had almost all of them.  I had sex with someone 3 months ago and I got a cold a week later (my friend not my sex partner and I got the same cold at the same time)  Six weeks later I had epidydmitis, then started getting discharge, I had night sweats a couple of nights, I had a low grade fever at least twice, I have some diareah, and now my cheeks under my eyes, my neck and ears are bright red and very hot.  It also seems to be spreading down to my chest.  My back and shoulders are a light red with white blotches and warm. I had an HIV test 1 week ago that was negative.  My questions are:
1. How accurate is the HIV test since it was only 3 months since my encounter?
2. Does the burning red face, neck and ears constitute a rash and would it be hot?  
3. Can you tell what kind of rash is from HIV?
4. How high would a fever be that's associated with HIV and how long would it last?
5. How severe would the night sweats be and how frequent?

Everything I read lists the symptoms, but never tells details about the symptoms.

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A negative HIV test at 3 months is quite reassuring but not conclusive.  You should repeat the test in 3 more months.

I don't know exactly why your cheeks and back are red and hot, but there are lots of possible reasons other than HIV.  You may have hives, for instance.  Or you may have anxiety--in fact you do--which is one cause of hives.

Please see your internist or Family Physician and get a thorough checkup.  Then repeat the test in 3 months.

A visit with a dermatologist to evaluate the red and white blotches would also be a good idea.  Other than hives, they don't remind of anything.

One rule in medicine is: look for the common things first.  There are many common things that could be your problem.  Do yourself a favor and find out what they are by being checked out.


Dr. Rockoff
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I have pimple-like rash maybe around 3-4 around my vaginal area and I have trouble urinating because I feel the need to go every 2-3 minutes. It was usually itching in the beginning but it stopped. I was wondering if this was any signs of HIV?
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