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Rash due to poor circulation???

I woke up this morning with what looks like a rash on my arm, primarily around my wrist, however it doesn't itch at all.  After careful examination it actually looks like burst blood vessels.  It looks the same way as my face looks after I vomit (When I vomit I get burst blood vessels all over my face).

Lately I have been waking up with tingling and numbness in one or both my arms and sometimes one of my hands is swollen (I'm a big guy and sometimes I tend to fall asleep on my arm).  Because of this as well as other factors, I have concluded that my blood circulation isn't very good.

Now I believe that this "rash" is merely due to the fact that I was sleeping on that arm causing a reduction in blood circulation and resulted in bursting blood vessels.  Does this make sense to you? Or do you think it is something else?

I should also note that the last time I tested my blood pressure it was fine, and I am not a diabetic, however my father is.
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Yes, I think you're right.  Pressure on blood vessels can make them burst, such as on the face when you strain or vomit, or possibly on the arms after mechanical pressure.  This is normal, not 'bad circulation.'  The way to deal with it is to minimize pressure, though of course this may not be possible.  If we're right, this wrist rash should go away on its own in a couple of days.  If it doesn't, you should show it to a doctor.


Dr. Rockoff
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