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Rash from Dove Body Wash or Something Else?


I used dove body wash in the shower the other day and noticed that same night that I was itchy on random parts of my body (back, neck, scalp). I did NOT use the body wash on my hair and yet my scalp itches at times. It’s been three days of periodic itching on my face, scalp, shoulders, neck and back (with red bumps/spots scattered on my back and shoulders).

1) Could this periodic itching be from the dove body wash and if so, what do I have?
2) If the itching is from the dove body wash, how long could it last?
3) Any remedies?

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Can someone be kind enough to answer my questions above? Thank you.
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It’s now been 10 days of itching. Can this still be from the dove body wash I last used on February 6?
That's a very long time for contact dermatitis to last.  I'd look for another cause of the itching.
It sounds like you have psoriasis. Many things can cause it but usually an ointment
from a dermatologist will help a lot. Good luck!
It’s 11 days after using the body wash and still itching. No rash but sometimes a red dot will appear after the itchy feeling. Is this considered psoriasis even with no rash?
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