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Rash gone now surrounding area "burns"

I am a 38 year old healthy athletic male.  Back in December of last year I had what I thought was a pimple or ingrown hair on my pelvis centered under my navel directly in the waistline of my boxers.  After messing with it way too much (even shaved it once) - It developed into a small rash a little bigger than a quarter.  It eventually healed (about 7 days) with the help of some Neosporin - leaving a small reddish area.  

It came back very quickly in mid-February - this time it healed in the same way. However - now I have a burning sensation that comes and goes all the way around my waistline - like my belt is warm. Sometimes the feeling is localized on my hips - sometimes on my back.  It seems that when I lay down it is worse on my back and in the crease of my abdomen when seated. The rash is gone but it still is bothering me.  Sometimes I think the skin is warm to the touch too.  It seems to be worse when I am active.  It is not too bad when I first wake up in the morning.  

Not looking forward to going to the doctor and having him tell me I am nuts.  Any ideas?
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I don't think that you're nuts.  I do think you're probably fixating on this recurrent pimple/rash.  I'm not sure what you think these outbreaks might have been, but I they don't remind me of anything serious.  The feelings of warmth and so forth also don't sound significant.  I think you're worrying, is all.  Try ignoring the symptoms and see if they go away.  If not, then I guess you'll have to see a doctor.


Dr. Rockoff
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