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Rash in crease between thigh and groin

I'm really concerned about a rash I have developed.  

I've had a rash for about two years in the crease where my thigh meets my groin area.  At first, the area itched like crazy and I scratched it.

There are raise, brown, wrinkled areas as well as dark brown/purple splotches.  At night, the area is "slick" and has an unpleasant odor.  Sometimes the area is a bit sore.

When I first noticed the rash, I went to a dermatologist, who sent a sample to a lab.  The results came back negative for veneral disease and cancer.  The dermatologist said he didn't know what it was but could remove it through surgery.  Since it was considered cosmetic, I did not elect with the procedure due to monetary constraints.

The rash has not gone away.  Do you have any idea as to what it might be and if there is any treatment?

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I'm afraid I can't make sense of your question.  I don't know of any "cosmetic" rashes that can be removed by surgery. The rashes that are most common in the groin are chafing/irritation or fungus.  Neither one can be treated surgically, and neither is cosmetic.  Since you've already shown it to a dermatologist, wouldn't it make sense to ask the doctor who saw it to tell you the diagnosis?  If not, perhaps you should get another opinion.  


Dr. Rockoff
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Doc...this sounds like exactly what I have..the skin just looks darker..almost purpulish...I assumed that it came from when my thighs rubbing together when I work out and I leve my sweaty boxers on...would you say that its safe to assume that its not herpes? It does frequently itch but no blisters...part of my scrotum has blood marks but they're from where I've been scratching. Thanks for your help!!!
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Sounds very similar as to what I have.  I've noticed a slight pain when my thigh rubs the area.
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The surgery the dermatologist offered to do would have fallen under the category of cosmetic.

To clarifiy, here is the nature of the rash:

--began as an itch
--developed in brown, purplish splotches
--easily irritated
--"slick" at the end of the day with unpleasant odor

I moved since seeing the original dermatologist; I plan on seeing another, but for peace of mind, do you have any idea as to what this can be?
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I have the same, but it is not itchy or "slick." The skin is normal but with these marks in the same place you describe. It is a little dry though. I also have similar marks on my chest. They've been there for two years I'd say. I went to the doctor once before and he examined the ones on my chest for a moment and said they may be freckles or a rash, he wasn't really any help.
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  reguarding your question to your rash i just wanted to give my advice from experience i race atvs and im a girl so i have to wear mens pants and they stay a little tight and the get really hot so i developed the same problem when i went to my doctor he told me where my panties rubbed on the side of my thigh and where the air was restricted i developed a bacteria because i scratched because it was hot and itchy and heck it felt good when i rubbed it but when i stopped it would start burnin and then i had some oder (it stunk) so he told me to go home and apply cornstarch (or any powder without scent)after i took a shower DRY THE AREA make sure its dry cause when this starts its almost like it seeps so apply and repeat it will clump at first but wipe it gently and start over eventually it draws out the moisture (if you keep your legs spread)and starts to itch again when it heals but DONT SCRATCH if you do put more powder on it it will keep it away anyhooo i hope this helps you like it did mine it got pretty bad before i fixed it good luck.

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