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Rash inner thighs/groin.

I am female, 18 years of age.
I have suffered from vaginal yeast infections since i was 16.
My last case was in March and it hasn't really been a problem since.
Although over the last week i have discovered a faint rash in the folds of my groin (where my thigh meets my vagina)
i was told it could be a contact allergy and have been given Hydrozole to use which contains 1% of Clotrimazole.
I have been using that for the last two days and symptoms aren't getting worse, but seem to just stay the same.
The rash almost looks like small red dots.
I started a new job which consists of me walking all day every day, could this be a reason behind this rash?. I do have sensitive skin as it is but i just don't know. I have looked on the internet time after time of photos of dermatitis right up to herpes and nothing looks similar.
The only thing that did look the same was a yeast infection..but not so intense?
I am very worried about this. Please someone give me an insight as to what it could be?
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