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Rash inside nostril

I went to dermatalogist for a yearly check-up and asked about a recurring sore just inside my nostril.  I do have rosacea.  She thought it was a clogged pore but when she and the nurse took a look with a pen light, they noticed a bright red rash inside my nose. They referred me to an ENT doctor.  I do not have symptoms of pain, itching other than the recurring sore.  When I showed the sore to my GP a couple of years ago, he told me it looked like a skin tag and he said he would freeze it off.  That didn't sound right to me but now I'm a little freaked out that I might have staph inside my nose.  I would hate for it to spread to others or other parts of my face. Sometimes the sore hurts, sometimes alot; sometimes a little.  The sore/skin can disappear overnight.   I'm not sure if the sore and the rash are related.  It's hard for me to see up my nose with a mirror but it does look very bright red with some white blistery looking dots.  Again, it doesn't hurt or itch but my nose feels very dry.

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I forgot to ask if I should try to get into ENT sooner than next week?
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This could be small boils, folliculitis, nasal polyp or  nasal vestibulitis. Small boils are common just inside the nostrils, where they can cause considerable pain. Folliculitis or  inflammation of one or more hair follicles may be due to a pre-existing skin condition, such as eczema, acne, or dermatitis  and sometimes injuries to the skin. This is sometimes infected with bacteria, especially with Staphylococcus organisms, that normally live on the skin. It is also important to rule out nasal vestibulitis which is caused by infection with the bacteria staphylococcus in the area just inside the nostrils. Typical symptoms are swelling, redness, tenderness, pimples around nasal hairs, or crusting. In most cases simple application of Bacitracin ointment and hot washcloths or a course of antibiotics are sufficient to treat the infection. Occasionally, though, infections can cause boils, spread beneath the skin, and rarely, spread through facial veins to the brain in a potentially fatal condition called cavernous sinus thrombosis.

It is good that your ENT will evaluate the rash. A speculum may be used to look inside your nostril. If you feel the above mentioned symptoms, you can move your appointment earlier to help in alleviating your anxiety. Take care and keep us posted.
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