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Rash of long duration

About 7 weeks ago, I started getting a rash in the crevices of my groin, at the same time I was getting what appeared to be canker sores in my mouth.  Like everyone else, I went to several doctors to relieve my anxiety about what was happening.  The rash in my groin was called a fungal infection/heat rash and I was given Clotrimazole and Betamethasone to treat it (primary care doctor).  This lasted for a couple of weeks but did not completely heal.  A dermatologist thought that I should then use Leprox and Denoside Cream in that area instead because he thought that would be less irritating.  The condition definately improved but then it seemed to have spread to my anus, as my primary care doctor said that I now had a fungal infection there.  So I am using the clotrimzole and Betamethasone to treat that.  I did have a fear of Herpes and I took a Western Blot whose results the Doctor said was ambiguous.  The results showed a weak elevatoin for for HSV-2 but were so inconclusive that he suggested I take the test again a few months later, but to presently treat the results as negative.  The anal infection seems to be better after two weeks but is not completely healed.  The area in my groin crevices seem to be almost thin skinned and shiny and still feels a bit irritated.  The canker sores in my mouth are still appearing but not very painful and the corners of my mouth appear to be dry and irritated.  My lower lip appears to be slightly swollen and sometimes burns a little.  All the doctors tell me that it isn't Herpes and that anxiety is playing a factor, which of course it is (HIV test was negative and I am straight).  I did have unprotected sex with someone about 2 months prior who was having their period and could have had Herpes, which may be affecting my psyche somewhat!  Other than that, I just wish this stuff would go away.
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Your rash has none of the characteristics of herpes.  The distribution (groin and perianal) suggests irritation or psoriasis rather than yeast or fungus.  In my experience, once you get rid of the inflammation (in your case with one or both of the costisones--betamethosone and desonide--rather than the antifungals--clotrimazole and Loprox, the best thing to do is stop everything and just use a bland moisturizer, if that.

I don't know what to make of the Western blot test, and cannot undertsand why it was done.  I don't think the canker sores are related to anything, nor is the irritation at the corners of the mouth relevant.

Time to stop worrying.


Dr. Rockoff
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Just to add:  Base of my penis is still itchy.  There are no blisters of any kind and have not been.  Do you think I should get an STD test?  Could this be diabetes?  My Dad acquired that in his early fifties and I am in my late 40s.
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One more thing... I have had itchyness in my eyes and ears and some bumps, small pimples on thighs which almost looks like tiny red dots that appear like a bite, they are two right next to each other...very small (no vampires around).  Hehe, talk about being focused on my body!  Anyhow, thanking you in advance for your help.  I have never had any think like this before.  I think my nerves are making break out all over!
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Rashes in the crevisis of your groin are most certainly jock itch. I wouldn't worry to much about it. You haven't had any blisters and itching is common in that area.
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