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Rash on Inside Buttocks/Anus

For the past 8 mos I've had a rash on the inside of my buttocks especially around my anus.  Sometimes it red & irritated; other times only slightly. But it's always there.  I've seen my GYN & 3 dermatologists.  They first thought yeast but quickly ruled it out.  Another thought Intertrigo.  But I've taken every bacterial & fungal medicine available, used powders, kept it dry & taken care with clothing but nothing helps.  All Drs.have stopped short of a biopsy because of the location they are afraid of a major infection.  I always used wet wipes to clean that area but don't anymore.  Could this have started the problem ?.  Could some bacteria from my colon cause this ?. I don't know what type of doctor to see next & I'm desperate. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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Intertriginous rashes (rashes in folds of skin) are tough.  If you've used bacterial and fungal medicines without benefit, that implies that the problem is not infected.  I suggest that consideration be given to using a topical steroid there.  In such situations, I often use a very strong steroid--but only for 3-5 days.  If the condition disappears, as it often does, recurrences can be controlled with the use of a much milder steroid from time to time.  You might want to discuss that with your skin physician.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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i am having similar problems.  I had cuts and sores in my anus area, then they migrated to my vaginal area.  they tested my blood for herpes and it all came back negative, i have been tested for herpes before as I was informed I may have gotten it from someone.  all testa are negative.  now I have a rash on my buttocks, both sides, not the whole cheek, but the inner half.  it comes and goes, itches like crazy, and sometimes the anus itches too.  if it isn't herpes what is it????
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i have to add that I had all symptoms pointing to herpes, sores, swollen lymph glands, flu like symptoms, etc.  I took 10 days of Valtrex and all symptoms went away, except now I have this rash!
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Ive been having this pain on around the inside and outside of my butthole and i dont dont what to do, ive asked my doctor about it but and she says it might be a hemmarhage or how ever you spell that word i really need some advise on how to make it go away, my partner says it looks inflamed like it might have a cut or something if anyone could help me id really appreciate it.
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