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Rash on Scrotum

About a year ago, I had unprotected sex.  The next day, I scratched both sides of my scrotum really hard.  Not long after there were patches of tiny white dots on both sides where I had scratched.  I had bitten my nails and left some sharp edges so I thought it was from that since these spots occured exactly where I had scratched.  The dots went away pretty fast. But it left raised skin on my scrotum on the exact areas.  This raised skin does not bother except itchy at times.  The skin will dry up and flak off.  There are NO open lesions and it does not seem to spread. It just has me concerned on really focused on having a problem.  The raised skin has not gone away in a year.  I have been to the doctor and was tested for HIV and some STD's but they were negative.  I guess I am more concerned recently as I had a small pain like a pinch at the tip of my penis that went away after a couple of days.  It was not constant and did not hurt when I urinated.  I thought that the rash may have had something to do with it.  It has been a long time and I want to find out what is going on as I continuously think about it.
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This sounds like irritation and chronic skin changes from rubbing.  It does not sound like herpes or an STD.  I suggest you see a skin doctor and get a proper diagnosis.  If the doctor feels it might help, a herpes type 2 blood test could tell you, if negative, once and for all that you don't have herpes.  It's time for you to get the information you need to stop thinking and worrying about this.  (Among many other things, herpes does not affect both sides of the scrotum.)
Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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I also have a rash of great discomfort now which I am concerned about and don't know what it is. It appeared after returning from a weeklong vacation at the beach, where I would go jogging for 40-50min, 3 times/week, as I have done in years past.  
I have a burning pain on an area approx 1.5inch long x .75inch wide. This area initially appeared to me to be chaffed from running, and I assumed the black dots on the tips of the hair folical looking bumps were simply a scab.  Well, after 5 days, the black dots have connected together to form a large patchy areas of smooth, black looking skin, which is very uncomfortable. The area does not weep/ooze, but is slightly swolen.
Today, I am noticing the same black dots forming on an area of my penis, and they are also slightly swolen and very tender and sore. I have tried hydrocortisone creams, and now trying Desitin ointment that my baby uses.
If someone knows this problem, please send me some information to give me a piece of mind.  It is the Memorial weekend and I cannot see a doctor until Tuesday.  If there is something I can so, I would like to try now.
Thank you.
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