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Rash on heel of foot

For the past few days i have had this odd rash on the heel of my foot. It didnt barely bother me until about a day ago; it got swollen and red and now it is almost purple with minimal dots. It itches horribly and is relatively sore to walk on. it is kind of an oval circle shape and doesnt disappear when applying pressure. any ideas?
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I cannot confirm anything without a complete medical history and clinical examination. Did you suffer from any trauma? There is a possibility that you have athletes foot which is a fungal skin problem. In this condition there is dry, flaky skin. There may be peeling, even blisters on one or both soles of the feet. It may cause foot itching, burning, pain, and scaling. Other possibilities are eczemas, dermatitis etc In Lichen planus there are purplish, itchy, flat-topped bumps on the affected areas .It may also affect mucous membranes, genitals, the scalp or nails. Any ankle sprain, muscle strain can lead to redness, swelling and pain. Hyperuricemia can lead to gout which can cause shiny red, swollen, warm and extremely painful joints. These are only few possibilities. For a correct diagnosis it is best to consult a doctor. I do hope it helps.
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