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Rash? on inner thigh spreading! + black spots on scrotum - eep! have pictures- any ideas?

Hello MedHelp Community- I'm a 24 year old male. 1 week and 1 day ago I started to get this itch on my inner right thigh and scrotum, I thought nothing of it. Well the next day my inner thigh and my scrotum had these small bumps on them and were much itchier than the day before. I scratched at them thru-out the day enough to cause minor bleeding in my scrotum and none on my thigh. The following day my scrotum felt fine but my thigh was still itchy and starting to hurt, the spots were spreading and growing.

A few more days pass and I have been scratching =/ The pain is growing and is now in my scrotum as well; also my scrotum has developed these black spots my rash has been spreading and getting bigger about this time I start to pop some of these bumps. They pop very easily, pretty much just a normal scratch across them would pop them. This causes to get red and black and start to clump together.. Seeing how I keep making this worse I have refrained from scratching them for the last 2-3 days.

The pain is getting annoying but tolerable I have applied an anti-itch/antiseptic cream a few times through out this as well as arnica now and again. Today I started using neosporin. I have tried to look this up on various websites to see if anyone else has had this same rash/effect; it seems that most people that I found with a scrotum/inner thigh rash just had a cyst, jock itch, or a fungal infection etc.. and their symptoms seem to be the same at first, but by the time I read thru their post it just doesn't match up; small differences here and there. But I picked up a good amount of names for skin rashes, so I decided to look at some images of each of those rashes and it seems the closest picture to what I have is shingles, but I'm just taking a guess here..

The mentioned pictures are in my profile, thanks to those who have taken the time to read and respond to this quandary of mine.
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Oh I should also add, I have never had anything like this before. I have been with my girlfriend for the last year and 2 months. I think that about covers it?
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:: UPDATE ::

I have been taking hot bath's (about 30 min soaks) and applying neosporin 1-2 times daily. Seems to be working well, the pain has been reduced (I only feel pain once in a rare while in a day now instead of thru-out the day). The redness around the rashes has disappeared, the rash seems to have stopped spreading and the mild ones seem to be on there way out. The black spots on my scrotum were scabs (tho they didn't have the texture of a scab at all) as they all fell off naturally today. Even those nasty bumps on my thigh seem to be healing and turning into scabs (that don't feel like scabs either..)

I'll keep you guys updated how it turns out, in case anyone else comes across something like this and starts worrying. Best advice- don't scratch don't pop, and it seems that neosporin and hot baths are your friend.
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This could be a viral or bacterial infection. Are there other symptom present?  Shingles or herpes zoster  is a painful, blistering skin rash due to acute infection with the varicella-zoster virus, the virus that causes chickenpox. If you have a history of chicken pox, this is more likely. Shingles occurs after the virus becomes reactive after some time. The first symptom is usually one-sided pain, tingling, or burning. Red patches on the skin form, followed by small blisters that look very similar to early chickenpox. The blisters break, forming small ulcers that begin to dry and form crusts. The crusts fall off in 2 to 3 weeks. Continue with not scratching the area to prevent secondary infection.  If it persists, have this evaluated further  by your doctor for proper management. Direct clinical examination is important.

Take care and keep us posted.
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Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my situation I do appreciate it very much. As to your question, I had chicken pox when I was about 6 years old. These are the symptoms I've had.

About 2 weeks before I started to get any pain or rashes I would experience pain in different joints in my body. I've only taken asprin/ibuprofen type of medicines a few times in my life but when these joint pains happened once in my left elbow once in my left pinky the pain was quite severe and I actually took some ibuprofen to calm the pain down.

The next week I picked up a severe headache (I've only had a handful of headaches in my life and only about 3 as bad as this one) once again I took some ibuprofen to calm the pain down. About a week later is when the rash started the a few days after that the pain started.

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have escalated so bad if I could have kept from scratching (learned my lesson there..) Will definitely keep everyone updated on how this goes.
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Thanks for the continued updates. I have the same issue. I'm thinking it might be due to me sweating at work and at softball. I was chaffing really bad one day and then this started. My gf gave me some yeast cream to try and I'll try the baths.
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Any update?
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