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Rash on inner thigh

I have a sort of pimply rash on my left inner thigh.  It's been there for almost three months and I've tried anti-bacterial cream and polysporine but it hasn't worked.  It isn't itchy and it sometimes appears to go away but then it's back to how it was.  There's redness and it looks like tiny pimples.  I was traveling through the Middle East this summer when I first noticed it.  My first day in Cairo I chaffed my thighs from walking around.  One side healed and the other didn't.  
   And then about a month later I noticed a couple of things further over.  One on my penis and one just at the base of it.  I showed the doctor and he said not to worry about the rash on my leg but gave me an ointment for the other thing.  When I picked up the prescription I found out it was for genital warts.  After a month of that, the two "warts" have sort of gone away but the rash on my leg (the doctor said to put the ointment on that too) hasn't.  I've been letting the area heal from the ointment (which basically burned the skin) and I've noticed a tiny bump on a different part of my penis, but same side as the rash on my leg which it would be rubbing against.  I should mention that I had sex (with a condom) with a girl and she said she had something on her vagina, which she thought was an ingrown hair.  Note, that none of it's itchy.  What's on my leg?  Is it related to the other or is it two different problems?  It's driving me crazy and would appreciate any info.  Thanks.
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I can't say with certainty without seeing you, of course, but the rash in the groin certainly sounds like folliculitis ("blocked" sweat follicles.)  These would be likely to appear in chafed areas in a hot climate.

I don't know why the doctor prescribed genital wart medication.  It seems unlikely that warts would appear on both the penis and in the innner thighs.  I suggest that you get another opinion on this score, especially since the wart medicine doesn't seem to have worked.

The doctor you consult can also shed light on the relationship, if any, between what you have and what the girl you had sex with had.  

In the meantime, just leave all the spots alone until you can be examined.


Dr. Rockoff
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