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Rash on inner thigh

Hello Doctor.

I am a 34 year old male.  I have been going through some difficult times in my marriage recently, and to make a long story short, last week I made possibly one of the dumbest decisions in my life - I had sex with a, well, let's just say she was a "high risk" woman and leave it at that.  I immediately regretted it, and have been wracked with guilt ever since.

I wore a condom of course, but approximately 2 days later I noticed a slight rash on my inner thigh, right next to my scrotum.  It was a patch of little skin colored bumps.  Not painful, but if my clothing rubbed against it I get a little discomfort, like a "chaffed" feeling.  I have no itching, discharge, aches, etc, or any other noticeable symptoms.  I've had this rash 3 days now, although today it does appear to be diminishing in intensity.  I probably would not have given it a second thought, if not for my irresponsible behavior last week with this "high risk" person.

I would like to get tested, however I don't want to have to explain any doctor bills or insurance statements that would come in the mail afterward.  I've found some various websites that offer "anonymous" STD testing.  From what I understand, the procedure is you pay the fee, go to a local lab to give the appropriate samples, then you are able to phone in and get your results.

My question to you is, (1) do you think my rash might be STD related or more likely just an innocent rash?  And ,(2) do you have any experience/info about these internet STD tests?  Are they the same legitimate tests I would get from my doctor's office, or are they just a scam?

Thank you.
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I don't know anything about internet STD testing.  I don't think your rash is an STD just some chafing perhaps.  If I were you I would consult a doctor for evaluation and get STD testing while you're there.  If you ask I'm sure the doctor would agree to coded your visit as "groin rash" rather than STD, which in all likelihood you don't have.)  But even if you pursue the anonymous testing which may indeed be OK if you're dealing with a reputable local lab, you'd want to get a diagnosis, and as I've said, that doesn't require a diagnostic code for STD.

Meantime try using 1% hydrocortisone cream twice a day for a week, to see if that helps, while you're waiting for the doctor's visit.


Dr. Rockoff
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