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Rash on legs/arms after moving to US from Vietnam

Hi, I am a 19 year old female student from Vietnam, now living in Wisconsin.  About 1 week after arriving here in the US, I suddenly have large patches of rashes on the outside of my legs (calves and thighs).  The patches start out either hurting or itching, then after a day or so are still there but are not painful.  There are also small patches on the outside of my upper arms, and one small patch on my right wrist.  This has been happening over the last week (my second week in the US).  I never had this before when I was living in Vietnam.  

The only medication I am taking is birth control pills, which I started to take about 6 weeks ago.  

I have uploaded some photos to my profile, which I hope you can see.  

Can you identify the cause of this rash and provide me with some treatment advice?

Thank you!

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Welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum!

What you described and is visible on pictures you provided, most likely is exanthema (symmetric, disseminated erythematous macules, and plaques accompanied with pruritus). It is usually caused by drugs, but it can also be caused by chemicals ingested with food and/or drink. Only taking a detailed medical history and examination could provide all the information necessary to determine the cause of it. As differential diagnoses, several other diseases with similar clinical manifestations should be excluded (including hypersensitivity vasculitis, eczematoid-like purpura Doukas Kapetanakis, etc.).

In regards to treatment, first thing to do is to remove causative agent. Depending on severity of lesions, topical or oral corticosteroids and oral antihistamines might be prescribed by your physician.

Wishing You Optimal Health and Happy Life in Wisconsin,
Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic
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