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Rash on legs/hairline/chest/upper back

Hello - About a week ago I developed different rashes over lots of my body.  My scalp and hairline/eyebrows/creases behind ears/inside ears developed a sort of red, scaly rash that doesn't particularly itch that I thought might have been seborrheic dermatitis - I have been using a 2% ketoconazole shampoo, plus a cream (same active at 2% also) which didn't do a thing.  Then I tried some OTC hydrocortisone to try and calm the redness and that didn't help either.

At the same time I developed a pimply sort of follicular thing on my chest, upper back and thighs, and to a lesser extent on lower legs/tummy.  They were also not particularly itchy but if I did scratch them the skin on the top came right off and became little scabs.  I didn't do anything to try and treat these.

Then it occurred to me that the whole thing might be a big candida overgrowth, because I also developed a vaginal yeast infection at the same time - and I had consumed a good amount of soft drinks and sugar that week which is not typical for me (I can't think of anything else that changed).  I've been taking lots of probiotics since and have curtailed almost all sugar/white flours from my diet. None of this seems to be clearing up.  Oh and I am not allergic to anything I know of.

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I can't really tell from your description with any certainty.  The scalp and ear and hairline rash does sound like seborrhea.  It's therefore possible that the body rash is a form of psoriasis, which can be related in some cases, or perhaps eczema.  An overall yeast infection is not the least bit likely.  You'll need to see a doctor in person about this one, for both diagnosis and treatment.


Dr. Rockoff
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