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Rash on lips not herpes simplex. what then? Dermatitis maybe?

Lately i've been having a weird rash on and around lips.It first happened on March 2009. It usually starts as  some very little bumps on my lips, wish dont bother much or at all. But then each day after the first bump appear it worsens and worsens untill i have a redish rash on my lips and around them. It usually lasts a week or so. My lips and around my mouth get very dry, and swollen and redish with like kind of a crust over, but i think its just the wound healing because the skin gets very tender and irritated.

The thing is, i went to the doctor and at first he told me that it "looked like herpes simplex type 1" (labial herpes), but i was not satisfied with that diagnose because i have a friend that has herpes labialis and she gets round sores (cold sores) on her lips, not a rash around her mouth like i do. I dont get cold sores like she does, i get a bumpy rash which looks more like the pictures i've seen of perioral dermatitis. The bad thing is, that after a while it does hurts and burns, and really annoys me! It looks horrible and hurts!

Anyways, i agreed to make a blood test to be sure it was not herpes (Herpes Simplex Virus 1&2 Specific IgG Test). And the results were negative, or so my doctor told me. My doctor had prescribed me with Valtrex, (before the test results) but i think i didn't see any improvement...

HSV I  IgG Specific - less than 0.90 ISR
HSV II IgG Specific - less than 0.09 ISR

After the blood test results he told me to quit the Valtrex and gave me Benadril, Corticosteroids and Clarinex, telling me that i most likely had an allergic reaction.  I saw some improvement, but didn't healed completely (only my lips healed and weren't swollen anymore, but the area around my mouth still had the rash).

I went to another doctor and he told me that what i had was most likely a perioral dermatitis and gave me "Mometasone furoate USP, o.1%" topical cream. Whish i think it may have helped, but i dont really know since when i started to use it  my lips had already got better and i had no bumps or rash on my lips, just around my mouth.

The thing is that today (after almost 3 weeks of my last rash/breakout) i woke up again with the very little bumps on my lips and i'm scared! I dont get WHAT is it!!! If it's not herpes why does it seems to come out each time i get very stressed? I can't take it anymore! It's driving me crazy! ='(
I cry and get depressed each time i get it and i dont want to go to work or anywhere because i dont want people to see me!

What should i do? I put the mometasone on my lips again just in case and even got a Valtrex pill (even when my doctor told me to quit it). I'm even takin B-Complex Vitamin! I've done everything thats in my hands to know what is this and to heal it!


1. May this be perioral dermatitis? If so, what causes it? How can i keep it at bay?

2. May this be herpes simplex 1 even when the blood test came out negative? (BTW i've done those tests twice in the last year and both times the exams were negative)

3. If not any of the previous, then what may this be?
Have any of you ever had something like this?

Help please... ='(

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