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Rash on neck - nothing is helping!

I had a rash pop up on my neck around 6-7 weeks ago. I blamed it on a new shampoo/conditioner I tried but I changed it back and it was still there. It does not itch at all! I tried to treat it like it was acne and I also tried going the Benadryl and topical hydrocortizone route and that didn't work either. I went to the Dermatologist and she said it could be from sweat/yeast build up and first tried Clindamycin lotion 2x a day for 2 weeks. It seemed to go down a lot but then came back shortly after. I went back to the same doctor and this time she said I should change my laundry wash and wash it with Head + Shoulders shampoo and apply a topical steroid which she gave me the Rx for. Well the steroid made it SPREAD to places on my neck where it was not as bad before. Tired of the whole thing I went to an Allergy doctor and he seems to think that it is NOT a food allergy or anything related to my laundry washes - he said it might be a fungal infection and told me to use Lotramin on it for 2 weeks and see how it goes. He also said I could get tested for common cosmetic ingredients, etc. but I don't put any of my skincare or makeup on my actual neck... So far, nothing is getting better and I am almost wondering if I should just try not doing ANYTHING and see what happens. I also haven't changed any of the vitamins or medications I take before the bumps came on but for now I have stopped taking my daily vitamins which were: Vitamin A (25,000 IU) Vitamin E (400 IU) Vitamin C and Fish Oil. Maybe the vitamins were reacting because of the Vitamin A being so high? Any help would be highly appreciated - I am at my wits end!
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So sorry about this- sounds like you have tried everything with the doctors advice and it's still gotten worse, that is never fun!  I don't think it would hurt to stop the various creams and see if it goes away on it's own- if that doesn't help though, get back to the doctor and push for some more answers- sometimes skin conditions take several trips to get a correct diagnosis on.  
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