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Rash that moves around my body
I want to tell you everything I think is relevent. I am a 44 yr old white female who has had one child. First, I get vaginal yeast infections every month and have for the last two years.  It goes away with Diflucan. My GYN has ruled out diabetes and has tested it under the microscope - it is yeast.
Second, after returning from a vacation in Florida (I did go into the ocean), I got a red patch on my face and eyelid.  It spread to my entire face and my vaginal area.  I went to a Dermotologist who gave me predisone and it went away only to return as soon as the medication stopped.

I then went to an Allergist who said I had contact derm and was allergic to all ivys.  I have alot of english ivy around my house and I had planted over 100 roots of ivy this spring. He gave me 2.5% pramosone lotion, Zyrtec 10mg and hydroxyzinc HCL 25mg pills to take everyday.  He also changed my cosmetics and deoderant to Almay, soap to Dial unscented and lotion. The ichy rash has now moved off my face and is now under my arms and in my vaginal area.   My Allergist says I am on a 3 year cycle and this will be active for three years.

Last week my husband heard on the radio that there is a sea fungus that many people on the east coast are getting that is being misdiagnosed as poison ivy.  It goes to the warm parts of your body and will stay until correctly diagnosed.

What are your thoughts and where should I go for additional help?

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It's tough to diagnose a rash like the one you describe without seeing it.  The red marks sound like hives, and there is one form of hive wich comes under bathing suits off the Florida coast.  Erroneously called, "sea lice," it's caused by jellyfish larvae.  But that stays put, and doesn't move around.  In any case, it goes away in time.

Most hives come from nothing at all --  not soaps, detergents, food, stress, etc.  My advice is to ask the doctor who already saw and treated you what he or she thinks.  If the answer is, "Hives, cause unknown," you may have to accept that.  Just because a rash has no cause doesn't mean it can't be treated and made to go away.


Dr. Rockoff
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