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Rashes every Winter

Every Winter since I was about 13 and got Pityrisis Rosea I have gotten this very very itchy rash. At first I thought it was just a heat rash and so did my parents but now i'm 21 and it's still happening. I also just had my son last year and he has gotten the rash again this year for the second time. Aveeno helps for about 20 minutes and then it's just itching. I literally wake up from a dead sleep from scratching myself. It's only on my inner forearms, lower back and all over my legs. Never on my face hands, feet or chest. but it has recently migrated to my stretch marks on my stomach. It always starts out as a couple bumps but then a couple days later is everywhere. Also any time i get it wet and the water isn't scolding hot it makes it itch ten times worse. What is wrong with me?
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This sounds like eczema. This is a skin disease that causes extremely itchy dry skin with scaling and sometimes blisters. The biggest thing you can do is moisturize. Diet plays a big role. since yours is seasonal that might not be a part of your problem. You need to keep moisture in your house and in your skin.
Hot water will dry out your skin more. A short cool bath with a mild unscented soap.
look up eczema there seems to be billions of people suffering with this horrible disease.
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My daughter is almost 12 months old.  She started this rash on her forehead and some on her cheeks last two weeks.  I first thought it was heat rash or that she was allergic to something.  Now, the red rash have turn into dry skin on her face.  It sound like it is eczema, but i'm not sure.  
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