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Hey Doc, my name is Sunny and I'm 22yrs. old and this winter i noticed that i was very itchy and ya know, passed it over as though it was just that.  However, about a month ago, i noticed my sking around the sides of my body, like under my arms, but above the waist, had dots that were darker that my skin color.  They resemble dots you get when you have a pimple and you pop it and it leaves a darker colored spot.  Anyways, the thing is, the color of these dots is fading cause the doctor gave me a fungus cream plus cortezon creme to help the itch, however, usually at night time, bumps that look like mosquito bites sometimes return and are rather itchy.  I am going to the dermatologist when i can get an appointment, but till then, can you help me in what you think this may be?  It happen generally on the sides of my stomach and on my upper back.  occasionally on my arm, but not usually.  hope you can help.
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In the winter I see many patients with rashes like the one you describe.  It is usually folliculitis, or blocked pores.  Treatment consists of applying soothing moisturizers and otherwise leaving the spots alone.  I advise you to follow through on your plan to see a dermatologist, but spring is coming and I think you will get good news and do just fine.


Dr. Rockoff
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