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Razor Burn Won't Go Away

I have sensitive, fair skin and I normally shave with an electric razor for this reason. Last Sunday morning, it broke so I opted for a wet shave using an unused three-blade razor that looked to be of good quality that I found in the cabinet. Stupidly, I only realized after the fact that this was a women's razor intended for leg-shaving.

Within a few minutes of shaving, my face turned a deep red as if I had gotten a bad sunburn. Strangely, it was my cheeks that were and continue to be red, and not the beard/moustache area where facial hair grows.

There wasn't much pain or burning (and no bleeding), but the color of my face was horrifying. There are no cuts or bumps, just redness, so this would appear to be a clear case of razor burn. I have never experienced anything like this before after a wet shave and I'm a bit concerned.

I immediately began applying an aloe vera cream very liberally, as this was recommended by many online medical resources. At times I would wash it off and apply a different moisturizer. None of them seemed to have any major effect.

Most of the online medical resources state that razor burn should fully clear up within two or three days. It's Friday afternoon now, more than five days later, and there is still a blotch of redness on the lower part of each cheek. It's not as bad as it was five days ago, but I'm worried that this won't clear up on its own and my skin may be damaged. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I have the option of posting pictures here.

Any dermatological advice, suggestions, or explanations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Hello, For your razor burn I would reccomend visiting a dermatologist but here are some ways that may help...
You can squeeze fresh lemon juice and add some honey to it (Since you have said there were no cuts)
Or you can mix Baking soda with olive oil, Coconut oil and apply it to your skin, Then rinse off with a Mild cleanser and moisturize With aloe vera.
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