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Recent rash develpment, not the same as yesterday, help?

Yesterday around 1:00 my husband and I went to pick up our puppy. Around 4:00 I noticed that I was extremely itchy in my hair, behind my neck, and around my chest area (directly underneath my bra). I noticed my chest was a little red, but I chalked it up to being from me scratching. I decided to lift mt shirt up and that's when I noticed I was red completely under my bra, the red matched the exact shape of my bra. I was red behind my neck where my hair falls, and on top of my shoulders. I decided to take a cold shower because I was being increasingly more itchy as time went on. I felt no relief and just kept getting itchier. Around 11:30 that night I noticed my ears were itchy on the inside and they were bloodshot red. I lifted my shirt and my face went white from the shock of how red my body turning. The redness had spread down to spots on my stomach and groin area. I decided to go to the er because I was unsure of whether I was having an allergic reaction to the dog or maybe something from the dogs toy and blanket that he came with.
The doctor did not look at my rash in detail even after I pointed out the slightly raised portions under my armpits. The other red places were completely uniform with my body. The doctor said it could be the dog or it could be something he had been exposed to. He gave me prednisone (20mg), two epi-pens, and hydroxyzine pamoate (25mg). The itching did not subside for a while until I took the hydroxyzine pamoate and went to sleep shortly after.
Today the rash did not show up until later around 7:00 pm and it is not the same at all. The rash is not in the same places either. Today it started in the inside of my elbows and spread from one to the other and itches and is red. I have these places on both sides of my lower hip that are bright red, raised, and irregular. I have a similar area in the middle of my stomach above my belly button with lighter colored centers. There are smaller spots on my sides, on the outside of one of my lower arms, and the inside of my knees. I took three prednisone over an hour ago and I am still itchy, and the spots are growing as the night wears on.
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