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Recurrent Petechiae in 1 year old

Hi-  I have a one year old son who has had recurrent petechiael rashes since he was 5 months old. On a daily basis he has scattered petechiae from his neck to his groin- most severe around his neck.  He has been to two hematologists, who found nothing abnormal in his bloodwork. He has been to a dermatologist who confirmed that he does have petechial rashes, but did not have an explanation. We are waiting for an appointment with a pediatric dermatology specialist (3 month wait to see him). This week my pediatrican found petechiae on my 3 year old daughter as well.  What could be the cause of recurrent petechiae?  Any ideas. I am stressed out.  
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It is worthwhile to give VitC to both children with your pediatrician prescription.Sometimes simple treatments are missed out.
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For anyone else that may be dealing with a similar situation...  After seeing a pediatric dermatology specialist, my children were diagnosed with Capillaritis. The doctor thinks its possible that my kids have a mild form of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome- and the petechiae are a result of the weak capillaries that are a result of a collagen defect. We are awaiting a visit with a geneticist in the spring.
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