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Recurring Blisters on feet

I am 27  year old female and  have had these blisters on feet since i was 16. They start up small then getting bigger as the liquid fills up. At that point the pressure is too much then it bursts.  After it drains and the skin is peeled, you can see a tiny hole that seems to lead into the flesh. The blisters are painless and do not stop me from walking around but the few times that it has gotten infected, it has caused me great pain. I normally have these blisters 2-3 times a year a for a period of about one a half weeks. I have been to the doctors office many times but they are not able to give me a reason for them.

Would anyone know what may be the cause. A food allergic reaction perhaps?

I noticed that someone had asked the same question in September of 1999 on this forum. The way he describes the blisters is exactly how i get them.

Please advise if you have any idea as to what is causing my blisters.
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do they itch??
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I have the same thing and have gone to the dermatologist and regular doctor and they have just given me cream to put on it but it has one foot looking like its infected, cant wear flip flops and usually comes during the warm season along with once or twice other times of the year, I too want to know what it is and how to get rid of it. I see the reply from the question asked in 1999 but again can I get a treatment, what do I do when they flare up, as u stated when you leave them alone they fill up till they burst, then what?, If you pop them when they are small they just reoccur and leave a mark on your foot. And its only one foot the left foot. Pretty crazy huh..ur not alone..
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My son has a similiar problem. Left foot, deep blisters, but his are filled with pus. He takes a syringe and draws the pus out of them and it is quite a bit. Then uses the syringe to put in peroxide. He has to do it a couple times until it finally clears up. His does hurt, I guess because they start out infected. They are deep under the thick skin of the foot. We can't figure out what is causing them. Strange, I agree.  
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I have these strange blisters as well.  Also only on my left arch and usually during warmer weather.  I too want to learn what they are and how to treat.  Sometimes they itch and are occasionally hurt. Any insight would be much appreciated.
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So strange! I have this same thing going on. I've had a blister here and there over the last couple of years but have really had a lot of them as of late. I am 31 years old and it only affects my left foot. I don't leave them alone so I don't know if they'll burst. I can't! They itch too much! I must pop them and stick some neosporin and a bandaid on the hole. I haven't gone to the doctor yet. I have several and the neosporin has helped the holes clear up after popping. Nothing seems to help the itch though. I tried cortisone and lotrimin spray for Athletes Foot. No luck. The best thing to stop the itch is to pop the blister and then it burns a little, which is more bearable than the itch. Please let me know if you have found an explanation and/or a remedy. Thank you!
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i also have this problem the blisters are tiny about the size of a pin head but they get bigger over time, they are filled with clear liquid, it started off on just my feet then it spread to my hands it only happens when the season become warmer they only hurt if i pop them you can see that they go quite deep but they don't itch if i pop them, their not a threat to my health which is why there's probably no treatment for it besides creams that only provide a temporary solution if it even works that is. i have been to the doctors many times and none have given me a working solution just a way to waste my money on expensive creams. the only thing that seems to help is when the seasons become cool again but i don't want to spend all my summers trying to hide my hands and feet because of the blisters. it's only nearing the end of winter and already they've shown up again.
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