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Recurring red bumps on hands and arms.

For years I get these occasional tiny, red bumps that appear on mainly the backs of my hands. They do itch, but only sometimes. They sometimes surface as a small, singular dot on the back of a hand but also appear in small groups or clusters at times.
For the most part, they dry over in about 3 days or so and disappear. Again, this has happened for a few years now.
Last year, it did get a bit out of hand and I had large clusters that surfaced behind my elbows and a few on my neck and those stuck around and itched for months, then eventually went away.

Lately I've had a couple more tiny outbreaks on my hands and arms in a couple spots.
This may or may not matter, but sometimes I believe the tiny bumps form in a line. (as shown in this poor camera phone photo). Not often, but I believe they have formed this way before.

I'm female in my twenties.

What might this be?

Thank you and take care.


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