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Red, dry penis glans -- won't respond to treatment. Please help me solve it!

For about 1.5 years I've been dealing with a persistent discoloration, dryness, and bumpiness of my penis glans that has been resistant to regular treatment of fungal infection & balanitis in general. Photos here (NSFW!): https://imgur.com/a/LSpLN

This was triggered after I was treated for what was diagnosed as folliculitis of the pubic area, either a fungal or bacterial infection that spread around my pubic area but resolved after 6-7 weeks. This was diagnosed by a dermatologist but never confirmed. The infection appeared days after Protected sex with a new partner.

The visible finally infection cleared from my pubic area. But immediately after I developed symptoms on my penis glans, seemingly out of no where -- severely, scaly, angry red, shiny -- basically all the symptoms of balanitis. I was prescribed a cortisone/clotrimazole mix which seemed to have no effect and I stopped after 2-3 weeks application as I was concerned about skin thinning due to the cortisone.

After 2 weeks the symptoms subsided and became less severe but the skin has never returned to normal. My glans used look flesh coloured and healthy, and now looks dried out, darker and discoloured and covered in small red bumps I take to be visible capillaries (see photos). It is especially aggravated and noticeable when erect. It is not painful... maybe a tad itchy with a general light feeling of irritation. I am at a loss and the dermatologist I went to a year ago wasn't much help beyond prescribing the cortisone/clotrimazole which didn't work.

I've been urine tested for infection twice which came back negative. I've just been self-treating with a good moisturizer which helps with the dryness but not much else. Some days look worse than others, fluctuating from moderate to worse. Sometimes it looks like things are getting better but it always regresses. Again, it's been over a year with this problem and it is seriously affecting my sexual confidence. I would really like to resolve this.

Thank you for reading and I really appreciate the help in advance.
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I didn't look at the photos, but it sounds like you probably would be best suited finding a different doctor for a second opinion- or going back to the first one and trying to get more answers.  Sometimes it takes a few trips to the doctor to get to the bottom of things, so keep pushing for answers if this is something that is a bother to you.  Hope you are able to get some answers soon!
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Just wanted to check to see how you were doing?  Were you able to get to a doctor again- did they give any other answers?  
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