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Red Bumps

My 7 year old son developed a red bumpy rash about 4" in lenght underneath his arm after a trip to the ocean about 3 weeks ago.  For a long time it stayed isolated to that one area.  However, over the last week it has spread and is now covering his back, arms, neck, and legs.  While not completely covered it is very apparent that is infected with something.  We have gone to the Dr. and he stated from visual perspective only that it is not chickenpox, staph, or shingles.  He seems to think it is just a general skin infection and/or scabies and has prescribed a cream and antibiotic.  My son isn't experiencing any symptoms other than itchy skin...no fever, malaise, nothing out of the ordinary yet.  My fear is that this is potentially something worse as it looks terrible and with all of the talk of MSRA I concerned.

My question is:  1. Should I be concerned at this point?  2.  Should I follow some other medical process other than the one outlyned by our Dr.?  3.  Should I get a 2nd opinion?


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You have noted the bumpy rash after you went swimming with your son. Did your son stayed long in the water? If this is so, then we have to consider some allergic reaction and at this point rule out a jelly fish sting. These are just differentials of course. You may request that you be referred to an infectious disease specialist. Skin scrapings from the rash may be microscopically evaluated and blood tests may be obtained to rule out any acute infection. I know you are worried about this, however in the absence of any fever, pain, swollen lymph nodes and joint pains, this may not be something systemic. That is ,it is most likely a localized skin infection.
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You don't know how much relief you just gave me in your statement.  It certainly makes me feel better about the diagnosis I earlier received from our GP
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