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Red Foot Lumps

About 5 days ago I got out of bed and there was a bit of pain in the heel of my left foot, but I ignored it and thought it was just a general pain.  About 2 days later, I got a burning, sharp pain on the tip of the second toe on my left foot, but I looked at it and didn't see any visible difference.  Yesterday, the pain got worse when I was in the shower so I looked again, this time there were 3 separate, red patches on the right side of my toe by the nail, on the bottom of the toe, and on the left side. Two of them look like they almost have a center, and the areas are hard to the touch.  I also noticed that there was a lump at the painful spot in my heel, about dime sized and located on the back outside bottom of my left heel.  

I thought it could possibly be mild frostbite, so I kept my feet warm and last night slept with a heated blanket. This morning when I woke up, I noticed that it spread to my other foot and there were 4 small less than pea sized, red, lumps on the bottom of my right heel. I decided to soak my feet in slightly warm water with dead sea salts later today, and when I took my feet out, I noticed a smaller, less than pea sized red lump on the bottom of my left heel, and the rugburn feeling rash/lumps on my second toe spread to the side of my big toe and to the top of my fourth toe on my left foot and the side of that toe between the pinky and my fourth toe.

I don't know what this is, but it seems to be spreading pretty fast.
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I wanted to add that I started taking a new birth control pill, Yaz, 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Could this possibly be a reaction to the drug?
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Ankle rash could be caused due to various reasons including - dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, heat rash or sweat dermatitis, uncomfortable footwear, etc.

It is important to wear lose comfortable footwear and maintain good personal hygiene. Use a powder to avoid sweat collection and apply calamine lotion at the sites of the lesion.

You could take oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications for the itching. Apply calamine lotion at the sites.

You would probably need antibacterial and antifungal local application medications and a course of antibiotics if the lesion does not resolve.

Consult your doctor for a clinical examination. Do get your blood sugar checked too.

Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts.

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I won't be able to see a doctor until next Thursday, a relative who is a physician's assistant suggested Lotramin on my toes and to take Motrin to reduce the inflammation in my heels until then, are these good suggestions?

Also, I'm a 17 year old female, weigh 120 pounds, and I think one Aunt, who has a slew of other medical problems, has diabetes. Should I be concerned enough to get my blood sugar checked?

Today the inflammation in my heels did not spread, and the rash on my toes only spread to the pinky toe of my left foot. It seems to have slowed for the time being. Possibly heat makes it worse?
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