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Red Full Circles/Then Black-n-Blue

I have had this problem in certain areas of my body for the past year to two years now. I have been seen by my physician twice and he has yet to come to a conclusion for the problem. He gave me a steriod to try and it did nothing at all. Here is my problem.

I have these perfectly round full circles that remain black-n-blue on my left hip, right arm, lower back, and buttocks. When they are black-n-blue they do not itch or cause me any problems. But when I get sick, whether it is just the common cold, flu, or anytime my immune-system seems to get bothered, the black-n-blue circles turn a deep red and begin to itch. The do not hurt but they are bothersome. After I am feeling better, or a day after I am sick, the red circles begin to get lighter and then just stay a lite black-n-blue mark but do not go away. Again, this has been going on now for 1-2 years and everyone I see about them does not know what they are. When they turn reddish in color they also get very slightly raised-up. Can anyone PLEASE help me or give me advise on what they think it may be or recommend something I should do to get help. Thank you in advance for any replies and suggestions.
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I just have a few questions:

When did these start?

What were the events, activities or circumstances surrounding the condition?

Did these patches present with pain ,scaling or itchiness?

This may be a hypersensitivity reaction, a dermatitis or a manifestation of an underlying systemic disease.

I suggest you get this assessed by a internist. You may need blood tests to be done. A rheumatologist and infectious disease specialist referral may be necessary.

Are there any history of autoimmune disorders in the family?
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This started about two years ago. No certain activities or circumstances. Itching occures only when they turn red and they only turn red when I am sick with a cold or flu. I do take medication for Anxiety and Panic Attacks which is Effexor XR 150mg/day. I have also been on this medication for the past 2-3 years. It may have something to do with it but I have not found any supporting evidence to prove this. Thanks for responding.
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This rash does not seem very common or typical in its presentation. Its color changes and itchiness appears only when the rash turns red. This has been present for amost two years and the condition seems not to have changed.

This may be a drug related side effect so this is something you may want to look into. Also, if no diagnosis has been given then you may ask your physician if a skin biopsy is indicated at this point. A vascular condition also needs to be ruled out.

Were your bleeding parameters and coagulation factor levels determined?

How large are these patches?

Do they all recur on the same area?
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No, my bleeding parameters and coagulation factor levels were not determined. Should I ask my Physician about these? Also, the patches range in size. One is about the size of a 50 cent coin and others are no larger then a quarter. But perfectly round in shape. They do recur in the exact same spots each time and I have not noticed any others on my body. Thank you again for all your help.
Hi I know this is an old post but I'm going through the same thing you are.. I could not find anything on my condition on Google I came across your post and I was like oh my God I finally found someone who is going through the same thing I have in the exact same spot every once in awhile did you ever find a diagnosis please help me I just got my flare up this year.. I haven't had one for a year the whole time I was pregnant I did not get one that year of 2016 now it's 2017 and I just got one the first month..
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I was asking about bleeding prameters because you noted that these patches are bluish n appearance before they  turn red and itch.

Would you say that they looked like bruises or hematoma ?

This is just a differential since some bleeding disorders may appear to look like rash or blotches on the skin which are bluish to purplish in color. Your physician may have ruled this out early on given that the spots usually appear on the same area each time. Nummular eczema and psoriatic lesions may also present as spots but they do not appear bluish.

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Yes, they definitly look like black and blue bruises. But like I said earlier, when I get sick they then turn red and begin to itch. After I feel better, they then turn back to bruised looking markings.
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No diagnosis, only my red spots when irritated will open up and leak clear fluid, they gave me clindamycin 6 times in a year, with no positive result for staph or MRSA. I'm going on 36 months, I've literally had to change my lifestyle, it;s disfiguring. For me it ONLY occurs on the front side of my body, you can literally see where it traveled throughout my body for the past years. Flare ups occur when I get run down, or sick, but things as simple as a bruise that should occur when you bump your shin or something, will turn into a gash instead.....and takes forever to either heal by drying up or travels to next site or trauma.

I'll say where I believe I got it, I work at a strip club, but the thing is although  girls have been diagnosed with MRSA in their knee or staph, folliculitus, my condition doesn't seem to be contagious to them. I was diagnosed with folliculitus in January 2011 HOWEVER i believe that was in addition to whatever I already had, because my symptoms started as almost acne like, I had an itchy, hot huge swollen gland right above my eyebrow and its been hell ever since. Even though I work in an ideal conditions for staph & MRSA, why hasn't anyone else contracted these symptoms? My first doctor told me to take bleach baths, or go swimming, but Hibeclens seems to do the trick, but the after the perfectly round sores are down draining, they turn black and almost blue like. My very first one faded from 3 years ago, it first originated on my wrist looked like  pimple, then a black lesion over my heart area, three of my back teeth have been pulled I believe due to this infection and everytime I go tot the dentist, the trauma inflicted on my body is almost worst, it's almost better to leave it be,,,,,,but I CANT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE.

Also I havent been able to find any pictures that even remotely look like what I think we both have,.......can you?
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