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Red Splotches on legs

i dont know whats wrong but everytime my legs get in contact with the sun they start to get splotches on my legs and my legs start to get red in a short period of the time my legs are in the sun i dont know if its because for the summer i didnt go in the sun at all(little to none) or its because i wear no sunscreen on my legs or because i moved into a other place and when they get red my whole leg gets red splotches all over. Plase Help!
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The skin on my legs is more sensitive than my skin everywhere else. On those few times in my life when I went to the beach, my legs burned, but the rest of me didn't. I note that I have relatively oily skin, except on my legs. This may be true of you too.
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How are you? Some people's skin can be very sensitive to the sun in spring and summer, especially those with pale skin and red hair. Solar dermatitis or sun rash is seen as small, reddish blisters or small or large spots in areas that have been exposed to sunlight and usually appears after minutes' or hours' exposure to the sun and can be extremely itchy. Try to avoid direct sunlight when it is most intense around midday and early afternoon. It is important to keep in the shade and to wear appropriate clothing and use sunscreen with 15 to 25 or higher sun protection factor (SPF).

If you are taking any medications, there is such as thing as drug-induced photosensitivity.This occurs when an individual develops a rash on exposure to the sun while taking  medicines  like thiazide diuretics, tetracycline antibiotics, or painkillers. Talk to your doctor about this. Take care and best regards.
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