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Red Spots On body

Hello, I have come to ask about a possible pityriasis rosea outbreak i am experiancing. along with 2 other problems i cannot explain. I will start from the beginning.

problem 1 At the begining of december, 3 months ago, i got a very deep skin crack on the outside of my right pointer finger right at the knuckle joint. Then it happened on the opposite pointer finger. i attributed it to dry skin so i put lotion on it every night. Then the tips of my thumbs dried out and split, this was very painful. At the time i was working a job moving cardboard boxes around and thought it was because of the dry cardboard, so i started to wear gloves and moisterize my hands frequently. Nothing has helped these dry spots and they remain constantly dry and split. The area on the outside of both my pointer fingers and tips of my thumbs have become totally dry and cracked and calloused over with thick dry dead skin, much like the skin that happens on the heals of your feet occassionally and can be rubbed of with a pumas stone.

problem 2  about 2 or so weeks after my hands began to dry out my right eyelid got extreamly dry and flakey, i would wake up every morning and have to spend 5 minutes getting all the dry dead skin off my eye. this only occured on my right eye and nowhere else on my face, then it started to move a little bit to the outside corner of my eye (the side of my ear) but it spread less than 1cm from the corner and has remained but is very slowly getting better, i moisturize it every day some days are better than other on that.

problem 3 this is the one i am not sure is pityriasis rosea or not. About 1.5 months ago i noticed a small spot on the middle of the shaft of my penis it started as the size of a button and i attributed it to a small abrasion i may have gotten because one day at work i had accidently worn my boxers inside out and was holding a box against my body the box slid and i felt a small pinch in that exact spot. i noticed the small red spot 2 days after that day.
then another small spot the same size appeared just above that spot closer to the shaft, this kept happening until now. There is a line of connected spots up the size of the shaft as well as the base of my penis, also 5-7 small bumps have come up at the base of my penis, just at the hair line, they look and feel like very small skin tags they accure just above where the hair comes out of my skin, and are just outside, on the border of the red area, they are barely visible but can be felt, and i cannot shave over them or it will cut them.  none of the red areas itch or burn at all. and i have tried corizone steriod cream on them to no avail.

Now just the other day i noticed a larger oval shaped spot on the inside of my leg, about 6 inches below my testicles it is about the size of a quarter and i am positive it was not there a week ago. I am not sure if i am being paranoid but i am noticing the inside of my elbow pits having small red spots also.

I know that pityriasis rosea is supposed to start with a harrold spot, and can last up to 2 months. i did not have one that i am aware of, unless the area on my eyelid was in fact the harrold spot. it may have been on my butt or back of my leg where i did not notice, the spots do no itch, or it could have been the area on my eyelid since this area seems to be getting better while my other parts are getting worse.

The part about my thumbs and fingers, my be a seperate issue, in fact im sure it is.
These 3 problems are starting to make me think it might be work a trip to the dermatologist. I dont have insurance though. and it would be costly.

background: I have been with the same girl for 6 months and she has been my only sexual partner, she displays none of the signs i do. I am 26 and these dry skin issues happened turning the cold months but have never occured before.

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