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Red Spots on skin

In January, I had unprotected oral sex performed on me, and I performed it as well.  The whole incident was very brief, maybe a few minutes.  I became so overcome by regret and guilt following the encounter, that I did not sleep for the next few days, and caught a cold which lasted about two days.  (Nothing but a fever and sore throat.)  At the time I was worried about getting herpes or warts, but I never got them.  
However, ever since then, I have become obsessed and worried that I got HIV.  There has been nothing wrong with me for the past four months, but I have not been able to shake this fear.  Recently, I noticed about three or four pin point "blood-red" spots on each arm.  I think they are a petechiae.  I have also noticed one bright red spot, about the size of pencil tip on my side.  I think this is called purpura.  Now I have been consumed by fear that I am sick.  I showed them to my doctor, and he laughed and told me that the skin is an imperfect organ, and that they are nothing but benign angiomas.  However, that was not enough for me as I continue to obsess about them.  I noticed that the petechiae on my arm is starting to fade.  Now, I have noticed what looks like another purpura on my wrist.  I am even more freaked out now.  My doctor told me that the only reason why I noticed them now is because I was looking for them.  I am so obsessed.  I have no fever, nothing wrong with my blood level, etc.  But I cannot stop worrying.  
My question:  Are these just normal occurrences of the skin?  What could cause them to appear?  They are only on my arms, except for the one on my side (which seems to be fading as well.)  PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!
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My thoughts are that your doctor is right.  Small red spots can be angiomas, but if they are coming and going they may be superficial burst blood vessels--common, of no significance, and something you're noticing because you're worried.

Worry is hard to stop.  If a reassuring physical diagnosis hasn't quieted your fears, you should look into short-term counseling to discuss your concerns on matters sexual.  You might well also benefit from medication to allay anxiety.

As for HIV, your symptoms do not suggest it.

Get the help you need so you can get a grip.


Dr. Rockoff
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Hey I recently have also becomed obsessed with the fact that I might have HIV. It first started with a knuckle rash on my hands but I've blamed that on the fact that I work in really cold temperatures so it can be attributed to that. What has me really worried are three things. I've been getting some abdominal pains but you can say they're more of a discomfort than a sharp pain or anything I can't live with. Second, I've been getting some mild/minimal pains where my biceps are, elbows and sometimes my back and chest hurts. And today I noticed on my left forearm that a few red spots came out. They are light blush red. I'm really worried that I may HIV. What do you think?
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