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Red blister like symptom on upper lip. Please help

I have a small red, sometimes raw, blister in the middle of my upper lip, except for some initially burning (when it was at its most irated state) it does not hurt and does not itch.

As a was of background, I remember having  what appeared to be a very small cut in the middle of my upper lip a few months ago. I was thinking it may have been from shaving and it seemed to scab over then go away, then open again. I would apply chapstick or some other lip protection and that seemed to help. Then about 6 weeks ago it seemed to have grown, still not that big, probably less than 1/2 an inch. It is located in the middle of my upper lip. Its not painful, except that about 3 weeks ago it became red, raw and a little bit of a burning pain when it was at its "redist" state, at one point it appeared chapped and some slight cracking and bleeding. I went to the dermatologist who said it appears to be a fever blister but was surprised it had not healed already. At the time I went it was still red but not as inflamed and looked to be healing on its own. I was applying an over the counter hydrocortizone before I went for my appointment. She gave me a prescription to Valtrex, although she did mention it works best when taken at the first signs of an outbreak. It seemed to help though and I didnt apply any cream and it seemed to be drying out. Late last week it seemed as though there was some new skin in the general area and there where still shades of red but it was healing nicely. Then a couple of days ago I noticed it getting red again and I applied some carmax lip balm which didn't seem to help at all, if anything it irrated it. It seems like any over the counter cold sore product I have bought over the past month has not been of any help. The only thing that seems to help is hydrocortisone 1% cream. I put some hydrocortizone on it today and it definitely looks better but not a major improvement, its frustrating and nerve racking because it won't go away completely. Right now it is red(not too bright), maybe a little more than a 1/4 inch, does not hurt and if I put my tongue over that area it feels as though my lip is chapped right there). I have been reading this board for some guidance, could this possible be cheilitis or something serious?? I made a follow-up appointment with my derma but she is away for the holidays until next week and I am nervous, I would appreciate any thoughts or guidance.

thank you.
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A long-lasting blister of this sort is not likely to be herpes or some other virus.  It may be persisting because of trauma, such as rubbing or biting (this may be unconscious.)  I don't know your age, but in older people, there are times when a biopsy would be warranted.  if you're young, then that will almost certainly not be needed.  I advise you to apply vaseline repeatedly throughout the day, to not touch or run your tongue over the area, to not worry, and to see your doctor for further evaluation.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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