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Red bump (pimple) on shaft? :(

Alright so I've been looking for what this could be, but it probably most likely is just a pimple. I'd just like some feedback on it though, first some back story. So before what it was now, it was this small flat white thing sorta like a tiny sunflower seed shape, I was dumb and picked at it and squeezed a tiny bit of white out like a zit, then it had gotten inflamed and turned into this pimple soon after. It's been the same for over a week and I put on antibiotic ointment on it, keeping it clean and dry. Then I was dumb again and popped the pimple, acted just like a zit, tiny bit of white, then got re-inflamed, so I won't be doing that again. The picture is where it's at now, it's not too big but definitely noticeable. Anyhow, anyone know what that white thing could be (I think it's still there underneath), and what I should do to quickly treat this?

The white thing could be a Fordyce's spot but I am not sure, can't find a relatable pic. The pimple could be Molluscum Contagiosum, or could just be a pimple ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't think it is a Pearly Penile Papule or any kind of STD, I am not sexually active with anyone atm, oh also I am 24, thanks.
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