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Red bumps on elbows, hands, feet and knees

Yesterday I noticed a few red bumps on both of my elbows.  Within the day the bumps had turned from few to several and had also started appearing on my ankles, knees and hands.  The largest concentration of these bumps are on my elbows and the back of my hands (though I do have a few on my palms).  The bumps are itchy, red and round and range from hardly noticable to about the size of a lady bug.  On my elbow the bumps have kinda meshed togther and now appear as one large non-circular flat red bump.  

This is the second time these bumps have appeared.  Last November I noticed a bubbling blister on the top of my left ear and went to the doctor.  He said it was probably a spider bite and then gave me some medicine.  About a week later my ear was better and started getting the bumps that I have now...I'm not sure if they are connected or not.  I went to a dermetologist and he took a biopsy of my elbow.  After another week he was uncertain as to what the bumps were but by that time they had started to go away.  He said the only guess he could make was that maybe they were chill blains because of the cold rainy weather where I live (Seattle).  

Now the bumps have returned and I don't want to spend another $800 bucks to have a doctor who wasn't sure in the first place (chill blains would not be logical because it has been about 70 degrees for the last couple of weeks).  Could you give me some direction here?

Also...I have had a recurring small clear bump on the inside of my lower lip.  It usually pops up in the same spot over night and goes away in a couple of days.  This happens every couple of weeks or so since last september.  I also notice a very small red dot on the head of my penis last week...it went away in about 2-3 days - no itchy or pain.  I don't know if this extra info is usefull.

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Red bumps that come on quickly and appear in a generalized and roughly symmetrical pattern usually mean a virus.  If so, you can wait them out, and they should go away in a few days.  Allergy (to a medicine, not a soap) is also possible, if you're doing anything different.

I can't think of a connection with your problem from last year, or the red dot on the penis.  Perhaps you can call the doctor who saw you last year and describe what you have now, to ask whether it's worthwhile coming in.

If you have fever or other internal symptoms, please call your doctor, as you should do if the spots persist for a week.


Dr. Rockoff

(800?  Really?  And no medical insurance?)
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