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Red bumps with swelling appearing on fingers (links to pics inside)

In late 2019, I was doing scalp massages for a few weeks that were very hard on my fingers. I could hear noises from the joints of my fingers and fist while doing it.

In January 2020, the fingers of my right hand swelled up. Didn't happen directly after a massage and IDK for sure that it was related to the massages, but seems possible.

The swelling receded after about a week, then some time after that red bumps with swelling around them appeared on the fingers.

The bumps receded after a few days, leaving behind dry skin, but as soon as one batch receded, another appeared. This cycle repeated for a few weeks and was then followed by a period of no bumps for a few months, although some residual thickening remained at spots where the bumps had been.

During the months long quiet period, I rubbed one of these residual thickened parts, which lead to another flair up and 3-4 more cycles of bumps.

The bumps appear on front, back and sides of fingers of right hand, anywhere from one to 6-7 at a time. PICS here: https://imgur.com/a/diYK03m

My doctor sent me to do blood tests, results here: https://i.imgur.com/y74CsJc.jpg. (in Croatian, but I think it's understandable, I added best guesses at translation in red)

Could you tell me what the blood tests show and what you think this may be?
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Hello, welcome to the forum. Thanks for the question.  I looked at the pictures and the report.  First, from what I think I was seeing, your report indicates that both things they tested for were within normal. Did they follow up with you related to the results?  Please do so if you have not.  And was this a dermatologist or doctor that specializes in skin that saw you? I would think they'd try a topical on the area as it could be a fungal infection or eczema.  What type of doctor did you see?
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I saw a general practicioner. They did see the first result, after which they referred me to a dermatologist, but because the bumps initially receded, I ended up not going. Now the same GP has referred me to a rheumatologist and that appointment is still pending. The doctor has been forced into isolation by COVID so the appointment has been delayed.
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