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Red circles

I have a few round, red circles which appear in the crease where my inner thighs meet my torso- on both sides (two on each).  They aren't raised,  they don't itch, don't seem dry,  don't puss- or really exist at all except for in appearance.  I researched STDs due to their location, but didn't find anything that really matches their description.  

As I said, there are two on each side.  The ones on my right side are larger- biggest being slightly less than half an inch across.  The smallest on the left is about half a centimeter across.  I have not seen anything on the rest of my body.  They started to appear not long after I began a job which requires me to be on my feet and walk a lot.  Could this have something to do with it?  They don't feel like an irritation that I would assume would be associated with that.

I'm not sure if they have increased in size.  I do think that their color changes (becomes darker and lighter).  

Do you know what this could be?

Thank you!
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Sometimes due to friction between the two thighs the skin takes on a darker hue. This is more common in over-weight and dark skinned individuals.
Since it does not itch it may not be a fungal infection which is very common in the area.
It must have increased due to the additional walking you are doing.
You can apply skin lightening creams like Hydroqinone available in the pharmacies.
If it irritates or begins to itch then you would have to apply anti-fungal ointments.
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