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Red fingertips
It seems that there are so many cases of red fingertips now being mentioned on-line, but no doctors have been able to come up with a sensible answer, it appears to be outside of their experience.

I am currently treating myself for this, based on the hypothesis of a mineral deficiency.  My diet is healthy, otherwise, but I have noticed that 20mg of Zinc per day is starting to have an effect.  After certain foods my fingers can get worse, and I know that some preservatives such as sulphite or SO2 are really bad, appearing to give a very localised inflammation on fingers and the back of my hands.

When I got IBS it was the final straw that sent me to my doctor, but not much help other than a steroid cream for the inflammation on the back of my hand.

I changed my diet and lost a little weight, BMI was 25, now down to below 24.
I was tested for liver problems, diabetes and any blood disorder, even autoimmune ones.  All normal.  I am fit enough to run 6 miles whenever I want, albeit not as fast as 20 years ago, but can do 2.25 miles, about 3km in 19 minutes.

I am assuming that the inflammation and heating that I used to have was due to the uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation in the mast cells in the skin.

I am going to try a multi-mineral supplement as well, and will reduce the Zinc to 10mg per day as things improve.

Do any doctors have any experience of mineral deficiency in diets, or do they just give up if the symptoms don't fit in with other parts of their medical training?
Can doctors only recognise vitamin deficiencies, such as scurvy, ricketts, etc,
Do any doctors have any experience of mineral deficiencies?
Are mineral deficiencies on the modern medical syllabus?

The constant redness of fingertips has built up slowly over the last 5-7 years, and inflammation events caused by fats had got worse, but avoiding fats and with mineral supplements are reducing now.

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