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Red itchy rash for more then four months now

I've been having this itchy red rash that looks like mosquito bites if I scratch it and then it itches alot during the night.has left marks and then it keeps reappearing on the same places.could it be hiv since it doesn't stop keeps coming back in a matter of days
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I'm not sure why a rash that comes back would be HIV- it could be a lot of different things, so I wouldn't jump to the conclusion of HIV right away.  If you have been sexually active without protection- you should get tested, but don't go to worse case scenario with a rash- they happen.  If it comes and goes, it could even be something like hives, which could be caused by stress.  Your best bet is to go see a doctor and let them take a look- they will need to gather more medical history and take a look at the rash in person to give you an accurate diagnosis.  
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