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Red lump on upper right groin

Starting on Thursday I noticed a red lump on my upper right groin...like, above the penis, below the stomach.  it's gotten slightly larger, and today had a little black spot on it as well. it almost looks and feels like a large zit. it's somewhat painful, but mostly from irriation I think rubbing against my leg and clothes.  any advice??
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Since it came on quickly, this is probably an infected or inflamed follicle.  I suggest warm compresses and an antibiotic like bacitracin or neosporin, and no squeezing.  If it doesn't go down in a few days, or if it gets larger and more painful, you should see a doctor.  But many of these episodes are taken care of by the body itself, with a little help.


Dr. Rockoff
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I have the same thing, its abouve the penis slightly, and its like a big spot, I noticed it because it itched!, but it doesnt itch now, I have a question for you if you could email me on ***@**** thanks.
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A related discussion, help pls :) was started.
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