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Rib Dislocation and Mystery Lump

I took a nasty swim while whitewater boating a little over two weeks ago.   The river threw me into some rocks and I struck my rib (through a lifejacket), on the left side of my lower chest, right where my lowest rib meets my chestbone/sternum.  Didn't really feel much on impact, but once I was no longer worried about drowning, I felt pain and unnatural movement of rib.  Noticed hard lump on rib, but assumed this was swelling.  Went to emergency room as soon as was possible, several hours later.  Four x-rays, and they simply told me that it was not broken and sent me on my way with a few percocet. Dr didn't even really touch the area or physically examine it in any way.  Next several days were hell.  After three days, went to local PCP (a D.O.) and he told me the same thing: leave it alone, and gave me a prescription for more pain killers.  For about ten days, pain was fairly extreme.  Hydrocodone (5/325) just took the edge off.  Getting up from lying down position caused me to scream.  In the last week, the reduction of pain has been marked.  I'm now off pain pills, and moving around somewhat. Still unable to do much of anything, but worlds better than I was two weeks prior.  I'd consider this to be healing well, if I didn't have this large lump on my rib that seems unchanged.  What is it?  It bothers me that both Dr's seem to sidestep this question.  Have I fundamentally changed the structure of my ribcage with this injury.  Will this lump ever go away?  Is it swelling of bone?  And most importantly, is there anything I can do?  I don't want to have a problem going forward if I could've done something about it now.  I feel like maybe this is healing "off" and the rib should be re-located for lack of a better word.  Is that done?  By who? Any advice would really be appreciated.
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Sorry, I thought I was in general medhelp.
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