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Ringworm or jock itch?

For quite  along while now I've had these patches on my torso and above the crotch/lower abdomen and I'm not quite sure what they are. Lately I started taking care of myself, and actually became quite curious about these patches and have been trying means to get rid of them.

I have had them for a few years now, they are not at all itchy, maybe ever so slightly redder than my skin sometimes and seem to be slightly raised above the skin. More often than not they are barely visible however there are times where they redden up a bit or just become more visible in general.

I usually shower at least once a day, so I doubt they are sweat patches, though they do seem to intensify in hot, moist conditions (during/after workout). I have this anti bacterial wash that I sometimes wash it with and they disappear or become very faint for a while but always seem to come back in the exact same places.

I thought this could be ringworm, or jock itch considering the crotch area, but I've Googled pictures of both and my condition doesn't seem nowhere near as intense as any of those pictures. It's not even a ring with a strong outline, just a circular patch slightly raised above the skin, sometimes a little bit flaky, but very subtle in general.

I'm not very concerned about this, however I would love to find out what this may be and whether there is a way of getting rid of it. At this moment I am assuming it's fungal and I'm trying to see if I can get rid of one of the patches by applying garlic to it so we'll see how that goes.

I'll include some pictures of the patches, since today they are a bit more visible than normal:

(ignore the plaster, that's where I'm trying out the garlic...)

(close up)

(above crotch/lower abdomen. Usually not this visible)
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